Ever Skin Clinic


WhyEVER Skin Clinic?

Non-surgery procedures by board-dertified dermatologist
Simple procedures minimize patients’ fear
Various laser therapies
For maximize effect of tightening
Face lifting effect
Improvement of face lifting and wrinkle removal

Thread lift

  • Thread lift shows super fast lifting effect plus continuous skin rejuvenation.
  • The material is PDO, USP 6.0 diameter. Approved as a class IV by KFDA.
  • Fine Thread is safe because it's absorbable material after 6-8 months.
  • But it countinuously stimulate collagen synthesis for long time.

So Thread lift is "a newset technic" in lifting with less down time which can perform out patient clinic.

  • super fast lifting effect
  • less down time
  • stimulate collagen synthesis for longtime

The science behind Thread Lift

skin rejuvinating effects of Fine threads appears to be due to the
  • Promotion of Local microcirculation
  • Activation of Reparative processes
  • Stimulation of Collagen production

Treatment Areas

Thread Lift Procedures
  • Regular Thread Lift
  • Tornado Lift
  • Midas Lift
  • Blue Rose Lift
Thread Type Straight Twisted Cogged 360 Spiral Molded Cog
Effects Instant Instant Instant Instant
Durability 6 months ~ 1 year 2 years + 2 years + 2 years +

HIFU lifting (Ulfraformer 3, Shrink) (HIFU- high intensity focused ultrasound)

Shrink is the latest non-invasive, safe and effective procedure for skin tightening.

HIFU system stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It is a technology that utilizes ultrasound waves that have been focused onto a very small area to generate intense heat at that site.

No downtime
Least pain
Quick effect

MPR Toroidal RF

New generation Of Skin Tightening !

  • RF Technology
  • First generation : Monopolar
  • Second generation : Bi-polar
  • Third generation : Multipolar
  • Next generation : MPR Toroidal RF

MPR Toroidal RF Feature

  • No pain
  • No downtime
  • Precise energy delivery
  • Even effectiveness!

The science behind MPR Toroidal RF

FLORACEL (microneedling radiofrequency)

The system consists of a Fractional RF Microneedle™ array that assists in reinvigorating the skin and can aid with things like face lifts, acne, acne scarring and large pores through variable intensity treatment on differing skin depths.

The fractional RF microneedling™ technology is an innovative design that uniquely treats the target area through rapid penetration of specially designed insulated micro-needles without causing extensive damage to the epidermis. Through the action of the microneedles, a tiny column is created that facilitates healing and brings about a growth factor that develops the mecha nism of natural recovery with the effect being similar to that of peeling, but with minimal impact on the epidermis. At the same time it emits a high-tensioned RF pulse onto the target area inside the skin. The fractional RF thermolysis is applied directly to this area and selectively degenerates the collagen fibres between the superficial dermis and muscle band, resulting in the fibres immediately dwindling and thus promoting the construction of new collagen through a stimulus of the fibroblasts.


  • Fine Lines – Pores – Acne
  • Remodels collagen in the dermis
  • Improves fine lines, pores, elasticity
  • Rejuvenates skin with NO downtime!

Using high powered quasi-long pulsed 1064 nm mode, Genesis Laser uses the best wavelengths possible to promote good collagen remodeling effects. Penetration of laser energy -> Induce thermal effect to the deeper dermis.


Firms skin and promotes elasticity / Tightens pores / Brightens dull skin / NO pain or downtime!