Acne Scar

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It is dent scar when compared with the surrounding normal skin and occurs at the site of that severe acne has existed and disappeared.
It is difficult to be recovered naturally and requires treatments such as laser peeling.
But a lot of acne scars can be improved through combination treatment. at EVER skin clinic.
  • Acne blemishes – flat scar
  • Square bottom-shaped scars
  • Round bottom-shaped scars
  • Scars shaped like as be stabbed with an ice pick

Combination Treatment

  • Vascular laser

    for acne blemishes, no downtime

  • Chemical rejuvenation

    This is a method of chemical skin regeneration by applying the chemical medicine to the sites of scars or pores inducing gradual filling with new facial fat and epidermis unlike the chemical peels which peels the whole face chemically.

  • Fractional laser

    Fractional laser delivers wavelengths via tiny, Divided laser beams to make microscopic holes in the skin. These holes stimulate the skin’s natural response to heal itself and produce more collagen.

  • Subcision

    It is a procedure also known as 'Subcutaneous Incision' which can treat scars by breaking the fibrotic scar tissues pulling down the skin using a special form of needles at the junction of the dermis and sub-cutaneous fat. It is effective to the superficial round shaped scars (rolling scar) among the acne scars.

  • Microneedle RF
  • Er:YAG laser
  • Stem cell extract penetration

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